About Rory

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In Brief

Rory is a simple little face that has a surprisingly wide range of emotion. I designed the app solely for entertainment; there's no game aspect. It is surpisingly engrossing!

The Story

I attended a workshop in Summer 2009 entitled Constructing Modern Knowledge. It brought together teachers from all over to become learners in a Constructivist setting. A big part of the workshop was creating projects, and in the initial brainstorming session I came up with the idea of creating something that would evoke an emotion in under a minute. (I had originally thought about telling a story using audio or video.)

A couple days later, in the midst of all the workshop activities, I revisited that idea and thought about using Scratch to create a simple animation of a smiley face. I thought it would be fun to take advantage of our innate ability to recognize faces and emotions, and I created the simplest forms I could imagine and got a version working by the end of the conference. Here it is:

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I thought it would be a natural for translation to the iPhone, so I spent moments of my spare time over the ensuing months working on a iPhone version. So here's Rory! The name, incidentally, comes from Rorschach, and was intentionally unisex. Him or her, Rory definitely has a lot more personality than you might figure. I hope you enjoy the app!