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This is not arranged, but also all not expected, Soccer cleats but when the Nou Camp radio read Abidal 's name, the fans still express my highest respect, cheap soccer cleats Barcelona coach Frank Vilanova and the players have for Abidal applause. cheap soccer jerseys

Ratios Cup game night, Vilanova Barca coach first buy soccer cleats fan public speech, he thanked Guardiola and Keita, also encouraged abidal. nike soccer cleats This is Abidal underwent liver transplantation operation after first adidas soccer cleats wearing Jersey unveiled. The French have overcome numerous obstacles, puma soccer cleats have now entered into the final stage of rehabilitation. mizuno soccer cleats

"I'm here to accompany Abidal can we feel very happy. cristiano ronaldo cleats If you feel strong, fight, then we will be waiting for you. didier drogba cleats Your struggle is our strength, you'll see. "lionel messi soccer cleats Vilanova words will allow Abidal feel the great power. wayne rooney cleats With his life to fight the enemy Abidal, in Barcelona fans eyes is always the brave fighter. Adidas Adipure

In fact, their officers and men of the people are always here Adidas Adipure IV TRX to support and encourage abidal. In April of this year, Adidas Adipure IV SL TRX in Barcelona league match against Getafe in the evening, adidas adipure 11Pro XTRX Abidal is also on the operation table, the game twenty-second minutes -Adidas Predator- 22 Abidal shirt number, capacity of 90000 spectators in the Adidas Adipower Predator TRX Camp Nou stadium has a touching scene: Adidas Adipower Predator SL the fans applauding for receiving a liver transplant operation of Abidal gas, adidas Predator Absolion LZ TRX blessing. After the score, Pedro held up two fingers on each hand, adidas Predator XII made to dedicate the goal Abidal action, this also makes the Nou Camp moved again, adidas F50 Adizero fans sent applause. Pedro said: " a great team, excellent success, Adidas F50 Adizero TRX to our friend abidal. " Puyol also posted their own micro-blog and Adidas F50 Adizero Prime SL he speaks of the photo, and wrote: " to win back Abidal health, adidas F50 adizero TRX Pro is our most want to win. "

To put on the No. 22 shirt to fight Abidal confident: Nike CTR360" even had a liver tumor, I never felt a man in combat, because me and my team. Nike CTR360 Maestri II I think if I didn't have my family, not the day to accompany in my side and friend, Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite I can't win this battle and life. "

Even Abidal whether the game is still unknown, Nike Total 90 in January of this year, or 1 years and Abidal renewal, so that his Nike Total 90 Laser IV contract will expire on June to 2013. Barca also said, Nike Tiempo " the contract and a copy of the additional terms may be extended to 2015. Nike Tiempo Legend IV" He speaks also of red and blue Legion be indebted forever, Nike Mercurial his agent said: " Abidal feel I owe many fans club Barcelona, Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly IV he do too much too much. In his life, he will remember their Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII club and fans for what he did. " Puma V1.11 SL

Abidal hope at the end of before the comeback : Soccer cleats "I'm very well, still in recovery, want to have a look in December when we can play. Nike soccer cleats This is my goal. " Abidal also said: " the rehabilitation process is very difficult, Adidas soccer cleats especially after the operation is more complicated. Wholesale soccer cleats I want to finish the full rehabilitation. Nike CTR360 " Barcelona President Russell also insisted that he speaks to return to the court: Nike CTR360 Maestri II " I know this for him is very difficult, Nike CTR360 Maestri II elite but we all support him, I firmly believe that wayne rooney cleats in January or February 2013 Abidal will return to the green field. Soccer shoes"

Moratti is now the need for Cassano to join the worry, Nike Total 90 because Pacini and Cassano the deal now seem to have no problem. Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Sky Sports said the deal "has actually done ", etc. Nike Mercurial today or tomorrow players signing. Now most of the account of cristiano ronaldo cleats Cassano's is the international Milan head coach Stella Macho Ni, Nike Total90 Laser IV because he needs to consider seriously joined Cassano after the use of the problem. Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly IV

Cassano and I joined the international Milan first need to decide is Nike Tiempo to choose a new number, sky sports that Barry boy is very likely Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite to wear the number 9 shirt, rather than in his AC during Milan 's adidas adipower Predator XI No. 99 jersey. But also in the international Milan's training base at the entrance have kaka cleats begun to appear with Cassano international Milan No. 9 on sale. adidas adipure

But when Cassano came to Milan, he has almost no immediate play regularly may, adidas adipure 11Pro TRX according to Sky Sports analysis, Cassano came to the Milan international will be coach Stella Macho Ni's third choice, adidas adipure 11Pro SL TRX because the row in front of him is Milito and joined after the adidas adipure IV TRX great Palacio. But this point for Cassano, lionel messi soccer cleats and there is no problem, " Corriere della Sera adidas F50 adizero TRX" revealed that Cassano has been with the Sitelama Johnny on the phone, adidas F50 adizero but sky sports news more specific, Cassano and adidas Predator XII Stella Macho Ni talk show even though he is in the Palacio and Milito behind as a substitute with no complaints, adidas Predator Absolion LZ TRX he can do anything to join Inter things.

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