About Me

Thanks for visiting! I've been hooked on programming ever since I taught myself BASIC on an Apple IIe in middle school. Maybe that explains my current job. I'm the middle school technology coordinator at a private K-12 institution, managing a 1:1 laptop program and teaching computer science classes to kids from grades 6 through 12. My career has bounced around between straight software engineering and straight education before I landed in my current position, which I've held since 2003.

iTakeNotice was my first foray into commercial software development on my own terms. I've had tons of ideas over the years for various Mac applications, but for some reason the advent of the iPhone changed my attitude towards the undertaking. It somehow seems less intimidating and smaller in scope to create iPhone apps than to create desktop ones. That might be true on average, but there are definitely desktop apps that are less complex than some iPhone apps. Whatever the case, I finally felt a real motivation to put something out there.